Valentines day is much like every other day and i don’t mean to sound loveless but it’s just a massive overly commercial falsity! I accept that there is the beauty of sending someone you really like an anonymous valentines card and hope they figure out who it’s from but overall […]

Broke But Honest!

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As a male suffering from mental health issues i found it extremely difficult to admit that i actually had an illness, i knew there was something wrong but just couldn’t bring myself to say anything. I’ve suffered since my early teens but didn’t think anything of it, the doctor at […]

Depression Isn’t Manly?!

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When do you decide when enough is enough? What is it that determines when we end our lives is it purely down to our mindset at the time or is it all predetermined? We can all see in advance what is happening with our lives and which direction we are […]

Just a Thought…

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There’s so much to do in such a small timeframe for someone that suffers depression! It’s self inflicted pressure really because as i push forward with my business idea of renting my cottage out as a holiday let i find myself up against it, i wouldn’t be so concerned normally […]

Who You Gonna Call?

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Ever since i was a kid i’ve always had to believe that what ever my parents told me was the truth, if they said i shouldn’t do something i would listen to what they said and the reasons they gave and then i would consider my actions, to be honest […]


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Destination Unknown When i’ve had my very bad days i’ve often thought to myself that it would be a good idea to take myself off on a long road trip, no hotels, no caravan just heading off in the car and just keep driving. At times i’ve thought long and […]

Destination Unknown

The alter ego Sometimes i feel like i’m living another life, i feel that people that i know expect me to smile and be happy whenever they ask me how i am, even though they know i suffer from mental illness and shut myself away all of the time to […]

The Alter Ego

February 5th Soulmates I know it might sound like a mythological concept but i would like to believe that soulmates exist, i don’t know if it’s just my illness talking but i really feel that part of me is missing, there is an emptiness that doesn’t seem to ever go […]

Soulmates   Recently updated !

February Day 4 To the extreme If you suffer from a mental illness such as depression have you ever felt fearless? Have you ever thought to yourself that you can do anything because you don’t care what happens to you? I have and i wonder why it takes my mental […]

To the Extreme

I just thought i would share my song i wrote, it was a therapeutic excercise which helped me get through a few days! I still try and write songs when i can get my head around it and i highly recommend it to anyone suffering mental illness.

Just My Song